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One of the best long-term solutions to termite prevention is to have a termite reticulation system installed, which is primarily installed in the pre-construction phases under and around concrete base in commercial or residential properties. However TermX Replenishment System provides an excellent protective barrier for existing structures and dwellings as well.

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A reticulation system is a series of slender pipes which are then filled with termitcides which slowly disperse into the soil, saturating the surrounding area, deterring any termites who dare to approach the structure. These pipes are installed around the perimeter of the dwelling under concrete paving and garden beds. The chemical used in a reticulation system, it can be refilled time and time again, protecting your new home or investment for the life of the dwelling. The chemicals we use can last up to 5-7 years. They fully apply to our Australian Standards and are the best available on the market.

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