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A thorough visual termite inspection  is conducted on our initial visit. We assess your unique situation and individual needs, identifying any risks and / or get to the root of any problems you may be faced with, with minimum inconvenience caused to you.

Pest Control Australia knows that the ‘One Method Fits All Approach’ simply doesn’t work. That’s why Pest Control Australia will always go above and beyond. Above and beyond the Australian Standards for AS 3660.2-2000. Therefore you can rest assure that Pest Control Australia will do whatever it takes, not only to get the job done, but to ensure the job is done to the highest of standards and to a quality you deserve!

Pest Control Australia sets itself the highest professional workplace standards, and in turn we achieve fantastic results.

Pest Control Australia visual termite report has been approved by a panel of expert pest control specialists and technicians that are certified to carry out reports to the Australian Standards. This means you can have peace of mind that all important aspects of the property are being reported on by a qualified professional.


After the inspection is complete we will then recommend the best treatment available for maximum protection for your family and home. We are proud to announce that our full range of termite solutions we have on offer, all have an environmentally friendly option available.Yes, you didn’t just read that last part wrong! Even our Termite ‘chemical’ treatment plans can be safe for your family, pets and plants.

Pest Control Australia can use a product called Altriset®.  It has a revolutionary safety and environmental profile and is the first and only liquid termiticide that has been classed as an unscheduled poison by the Australian regulatory authorities. You can find out more about this fantastic product here.


The area that seems to cause the most confusion is WHAT ACTION TO TAKE??

What treatment is right for me and my family?  Will the environmentally friendly options work as well as the other options?

You can trust thatPest Control Australia will provide you with a tougher explanation of our findings and what we propose. That you are given the right information about your options and that it can be explained to you in a language you can understand.  We can customize you treatment plan so that it suits you and your family or your workplace needs.

We can help you protect your most valuable assets… Your family and your home.

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