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Termite Control Sunshine Coast

Pest Control Australia uses 3 types of chemicals to kill and eradicate termites; Altriset, Termidor and BiFlexChemicals that are used to kill termites are called termiticides. When talking termiticides, there are currently two major groups of termiticides on the market, Repellent and Non-Repellent Termiticides.

Repellent termiticides

Repellent termiticides have been around a little longer than the newer non-repellent technology and are very cost effective. The active ingredient used in most these products is Bifenthrin.

Unlike non-repellent termiticides, they do not have a flow on effect that will affect the rest of the colony. The termites will simply tunnel into the termiticide while foraging, come in contact with the chemical, will either be repelled from the treated area or die.

Non- Repellent Termiticides

The newest innovation in termite treatments on the market. The use of these chemicals are non-repellent to the Termites. Which basically means, the termites cannot detect the chemical in the ground and is slow acting. Therefore; unbeknownst to them, while foraging through the soil they will come in contact with the chemical. The active ingredient will then be taken back to the nest, infect the colony, going un- detected – this will then cause a colony elimination.

The active ingredient used in most these products is Fipronil and Imidacloprid.

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