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Pest Control Sunshine Coast / Termite Control Sunshine Coast

Pest Control is a shared responsibility for tenants and Body Corporate of multiple occupancy residential complexes. As a general rule, it is the responsibility of the body corporate, as part of routine maintenance, to maintain common property such as hallways, basements, foyers, gardens, recreational shared areas, from general pests. Individual lot owners are responsible for pest issues relating to their property lot.

Some of your Body Corporate ‘VIP Benefits’ include:

  • Competitive quotes for all your general pest and termite needs
  • Family, Pets and Plant Safe Products
  • Relevant Industry experience and knowledge
  • Flexibility and understanding with all tenants
  • Reminder Service – We remind you when you’re due for your next treatment!
  • Automatic periodic appointments available
  • Baits and insect monitoring traps are laid and inspected at regular intervals
  • Top Priority, for all your call out service needs
  • A treatment report folder provided for you to hold service treatment reports, recommendations, checklist of monitoring information
  • Satisfaction guaranteed!

We currently service a range of different body corporate unit / townhouse complexes on the Sunshine Coast. Depending on the needs of each complex we are able to carry out works to the common areas, individual units or the complex as a whole.

Special Offer to Apartment, Villa, Unit, Studio, Townhouse Owners

If we are servicing the Common Areas of your complex, we can offer all homes a special discounted rate if you would like the property treated or inspected at the same time. This usually results in a significant discount because we are able to offer a bulk discount to the complex – giving all owners a great opportunity to get a professional treatment at a discounted price!

We are experienced in servicing body corporate complexes and are happy to meet any representative on site to discuss our recommendations. Your clients trust you to manage their property. You can trust Pest Control Australia to compliment your high levels of service and valued reputation. Pest Control Australia has provided high levels of service to the property management sector of the real estate industry and facilities managers for many years now.


Get an affordable pest control service from an established family business.